What exactly do we do?

We are building a mobile app platform to connect local business and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia who is not yet covered by e-commerce to extend their presence online. These are business whose product is experience based, and cannot be sent via a courier, like sport venue, restaurant, museums, etc.

This platform allows these business owners to publish their brand, venues, and events, to be discovered by the community. Our brand Kotalogue is an Indonesian phrase “Kota lo gue”, which means “City of You and Me” and also means “Our City”. This name represents our vision of a community of businesses grow together to grow the economy of their city.

The problem we are solving

Our platform exposes experience-based business to the general public via mobile app. With our platform, people are able to search for brands, venues, exhibitions, and also what is currently happening around them.

Indonesia is one of the most populous country in the world with more than 260 million people. We have more than 50 million smartphone owners, and around 8 millions SMEs will go online by 2019. The government is targeting 17 million tourists to visit Indonesia in 2018, and there are more than 370 cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants in the country. We can’t wait to empower them and to collaborate with the government to achieve that goal.

Our solution

Our solution is to build an online platform (mobile app) for the business to publish their brand’s presence in the internet. The requirements of our app will follow local needs as we are focusing for local (Indonesian) market.