Our Vision

Why did we start the company?

It was in 2013 when our founder Prayudi was assigned by his company to work in a remote city in East Java, Indonesia. At first, he did not know anywhere to visit in that city. Months later, after references from friends and colleagues, he found out that there are many interesting spots to visit in that city. We found out that if there is a platform for the business to share their presence online, this kind of problem will not occur. Instead, newcomers and tourists will be able to discover local businesses, which is very good for the community. We started developing this platform since there are no current online solution that solves this problem that fits Indonesian requirements.

What is our vision?

We are looking at a future of a more connected community of experience-based business owner in Indonesia, where business owners are able to publish their presence as well as their currently happening event/promotion to an integrated app platform.

As a platform, our vision is to be the online platform of choice for Indonesian offline business to publish, maintain, and monitor their online presence, and for communities and tourists to discover experience around them.