About Us

Who are we?

Our core team is two people working full time in developing this app platform. Other than that, there are several interns and partners that is contributing their brilliant ideas to this project.

The Core Team

Prayudi Satriyo Nugroho/Founder/Project Manager

Prior to building and designing Kotalogue, Prayudi worked for one of the biggest multinational corporation in Indonesia. He handle corporate application lifecycle starting from requirement gathering, system design, development, implementation and daily support. He had the chance to manage development and maintenance of several applications that run on iPad, Android devices, and the web.

At one point of his career journey, Prayudi performed implementation of iPad mobile app to gather data from local people across Indonesia. During the implementation, he travelled across small cities in the island of Sulawesi, and met people who were his company’s field agents. Their job was to collect the data manually by using pen and paper, and Prayudi’s job there was to introduce this new technology called “mobile app” to them, which they were really excited about.

On that point, Prayudi found out that his passion is about mobile technology and how we can use it to let people achieve more and perform things that matter.

You can find Prayudi on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or his personal blog.

Arief Zainuri/Co-founder/Developer

During his thesis, he built Pentosa app (Android) which is an app for local phone credit (pulsa) seller to promote their business for the community to discover. Arief used Google Cloud as the back end which he learnt it himself via online learning material.

Currently his main focus is building Kotalogue which connects local experience and businesses with the community, while also building Otofix (Android), which is a local app used to book automotive workshop in Yogyakarta. He also give trainings for local developer groups in Yogyakarta to share his passion and knowledge which is to provide technology to more people to let them do better things in their life. To be even better, he is currently taking a scholarship of “Kotlin Android Developer Expert” from Dicoding Indonesia.

Our Freelancers and Interns

Many of our part-timer are people who are still working for a corporation but is collaborating closely with us, so they would like to be anonymous for now.